Corte Palasio

Corte Palasio – and two glasses of water

It wasn’t anything different. Hot summer day, after a long ride on the green bike I finally rolled in to Corte Palasio, straight to the mansion seen in the film. The gates were closed, so were the yellow french windows. I sat down at the exact same bench in the front to rest my legs when the gate opened. The old lady greeted me – like I already forgot how it used to be in my childhood when everybody greeted everybody and if there was a visitor who came to the door of our house, even if it was just a stranger,a traveler, he got invited in and offered food and drink. We live in a very different world now so I caught myself very ashamed because I invaded somebody’s property with no previous authorization and the only sentence I could mumble in Italian it was:

– Buongiorno signora. Scuzi, posso avere un bicchiere d’acqua, per favore?

And she invited me inside the gate to the shade and went to the kitchen to grab the water. I was standing at the very place where Oliver noticed the framed picture of Mussolini over the green entrance door. I looked up and I didn’t even felt surprised to see: it IS there!

Angelo came to shake hands and to guide me around the mansion’s garden. He told me the history of the building, speaking Italian. He mentioned that there was a film shooting here… something like…

Chiamami col tuo nome? – I asked.

– Certo, certo. Sì, sì! Penso che sia così.

The building has been registered for the first time as a palazzo, meaning mansion in this case, in 1644 – Angelo was so kind and showed me the coat-of-arms from the facade indicating the year. The original building however was mentioned first in 1340, but the village house has been transformed and expanded to become a mansion way later, when the Trivulzio Galliera family purchased it. Among the owners during the centuries we can find historic names like Marquis di Ferrari.

I’m glad Luca Guadagnino insisted to take us to this place, even for just few seconds in the film. It is part of the beautiful yellow-green-blue painting.

Some behind the scenes from Corte Palasio:

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2 thoughts on “Corte Palasio – and two glasses of water

  1. I’m overwhelmed by the beauty of your detailed blog. It’s a massive project for me and I’m not exactly that intellectual by I want to create a documentary around the phenomenonal impact and success of this movie. It will be called The Heart That Hurts. You have taken some beautiful beautiful beautiful pictures. I might ask your permission one day to use some of them, obviously credit you. My documentary will be non commercial and only for historical personal memory piece. Thank you x


    1. Thank you for the very kind words. This is why, after the travels, building this blog was a great pleasure, the feedback from people like you from all over the world. I will answer your private message, as well.


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