Piave Memoriale

Pandino – the confession at the Piave Memoriale

It’s obvious that following Elio and Oliver to Pandino the first thing will be to take a selfie with the Piave Memoriale.

Photo by Artur Dancs
At the Piave Memoriale

… and a quick shot of the piazzetta where we’ve seen Oliver entering the tabaccheria for some Gauloises Blondes…

Photo by Artur Dancs
La piazetta in the midmorning sun

Half-way between Crema and Milano, Pandino offers the typical Italian small-town charm to its visitors. The Visconteo Castle and the Santa Margherita church are just two of the most beautiful attractions to visit. The church was built between 1783 and 1791 and its facade inspired by the Pantheon is proudly posing in the town center with its eight imposing giant columns.

The Visconti Castle was commissioned by the Lord of Milan, Bernabò Visconti in 1355. This stunning medieval building is a quadrangle with corner towers and a large internal courtyard with a hemming ground-floor portico with stout brick columns with peaked arches, and a second floor with denser simple columns. In our days serves as home for offices of the local administration and the library.

Across the castle is the piazetta, a small square named after Vittorio Emanuele III with the “Piave Memoriale – Pandino ai suoi caduti”, a World War I memorial meant to remember those fallen in the battle at the Piave river, as we learned from the book and the film: “one of the most lethal battles of the WWI”.

Before you leave have a stroll around the town, have an espresso in the Tabaccheria del Castello and visit the Il Cantuccio, as well to make sure it is the same place as the one on the postcard showing a still of the film.

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