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The crooked way to San Giacomo, and the belfry “To-die-for”

When I finally decided to travel back to B and spend my summer vacation in the charming town on the Italian Riviera, I’ve only had one simple plan in my mind: to fully enjoy it. As a subsidiary plan there was the idea which wouldn’t let me off the hook, about the belfry. More precisely the belfry from San Giacomo, “To-die-for”. There was also a … Continue reading The crooked way to San Giacomo, and the belfry “To-die-for”

Photo by Artur Dancs

Just a “Thank you!” note

When Somewhere In Northern was close to hitting the count of 9,000 visitors I thought it would be nice to write a note of appreciation to all of you and post it when we hit the magical 10,000. But I missed that because the visitors just kept flowing. And all-of-a-sudden I found myself looking at the stats amazed and overjoyed, now approaching 12,000 hits. … Continue reading Just a “Thank you!” note

Photo by Artur Dancs

Crema – “So what does one do around here?”

“Wait for the summer to end” ?!…. Definitely not. Crema is enchanting anytime but if one wants to see it in its splendor, would need to visit in the summer. The sundrenched piazzettas in the morning crisp with the intense smell of the espressos infusing the morning air from the open doors of the coffee shops. The tiny and crooked alleys, the cobblestone streets telling … Continue reading Crema – “So what does one do around here?”

Elio & Oliver at Provincia newsstand in Crema

Crema – ” I just wanted to be with you”

In Piazza Duomo there’s the newsstand, edicola how they call it, La Provincia. After their first night together and the morning swim in the Laghetto dei Riflessi, Elio follows Oliver to the town. He arrives rolling in on his bike from Piazza Duomo having the great background of the now municipal buildings: Torre Pretoria and Palazzo Vescovile, also the beautiful arcades across the dome. Just … Continue reading Crema – ” I just wanted to be with you”

Photo by Artur Dancs

Moscazzano – beyond the villa

My visits to Moscazzano were not only about the Villa Albergoni. I enjoyed spending some time with the young mayor of the commune, Gianluca Savoldi who told me about his love for his hometown and the history of the place. He proudly mentioned the name of the famous Italian engineer, Arturo Caprotti who was born in Moscazzano in 1881. In 1921 the first steam locomotive … Continue reading Moscazzano – beyond the villa