Photo by Artur Dancs

Just a “Thank you!” note

When Somewhere In Northern was close to hitting the count of 9,000 visitors I thought it would be nice to write a note of appreciation to all of you and post it when we hit the magical 10,000. But I missed that because the visitors just kept flowing. And all-of-a-sudden I found myself looking at the stats amazed and overjoyed, now approaching 12,000 hits.

Photo by Artur Dancs

As of today, 6th of May 2019 the page recorded visitors from 88 countries from around the world. If you check the world map below you will notice where all the visitors come from (all areas except the grey ones mean visitors – the darker the magenta the higher the numbers of visitors).


And there is the list of the countries from the top of the statistics, although this does not mean that we don’t equally appreciate each visitor from any corner of the world.

And how better to celebrate this joy than traveling back to somewhere in northern Italy… When I am writing this post my suitcases are getting ready in the corner of my New York apartment to fly back to B. – the Queen of the Palm Trees on the Italian Riviera. Where the balcony will once again open to the view of the good old belfry on one side and to the infinite blue of the Mediterranean on the other.

Photo by Artur Dancs
“I come here every night and just sit here. Sometimes I spend hours. “

I will spend some time early in the summer visiting again the places where more than three decades ago Elio and Oliver have found each other and their love-for-a-life in André Aciman’s romantic painting “Call Me By Your Name” – almost as impressionist as Claude Monet. And also, the places in Lombardia where Luca Guadagnino re-painted the same picture with Armie Hammer and Timothée Chalamet with the fascinating Cremasco background, the charming Crema, the astonishing Palazzo Albergoni in Moscazzano and the endless bike-rides on the tiny grey path that drives deep into the yellow, blue and green scenery of the Italian countryside.

Photo by Artur Dancs

As a note of gratitude and appreciation, actually a love letter to you all who travelled with me all this time I will bring back the souvenir of more summer days and nights at those unforgettable places. The sound of cicadas, the evening breeze of the sea, the bike-rides, the chime of the old belfry in the morning, the flowery smell of the sundrenched piazzetta, the taste of freshly squeezed apricot juice, the dozen-spiced tortelli cremaschi, the strong grappa…the hug of Italy. Not one of you can imagine how grateful I am for having you join me on these journeys.

Thank you!

9 thoughts on “Just a “Thank you!” note

  1. Beautiful page! I am just finishing the book for the first time and have loved every page. I’m quite envious of your trip to Italy, what an experience. Perhaps one day I might be able to go as well!

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    1. Thank you Tray, it’s quite a pleasure getting messages from people from around the world. The page is due to be updated soon. I was supposed to do that last summer when I spent another great time on the Riviera in B and also in Crema. Hopefully I will have the opportunity to sit down and update my readers and followers with new photos and new information about locations – even some from “Find Me”. I will also publish a new set of photos about the real belfry “to-die-for” over the hills by the abandoned railroad. Since at this moment I have strong reasons to believe that my vacation this summer on the Italian Riviera might be compromised, I hope I will have more time to work on all these updates. Stay tuned! Thanks for your message!


  2. I’ve just finished to read the book and now I’m re reading it. Because I thought I didn’t get all the essence from it the first time.
    I have to admit I was quite right, but there’s something that is wandering around, and it’s precisely the letter B.
    So when they say B. does that mean Bergamo?
    I’ve been tracking the places in the book and the movie and I think B. is Bergamo and N. is Nembro?

    So, can you help to clear the fog?


    1. Thanks again Martina. Since that post the numbers are close to 90,000… Stats are booming and I feel more energy to continue as a promised in my reply to your other comment.


  3. I just came across your site and blog. I must admit I have gone down this rabbit hole a number of times. After seeing the movie in 2017 I became somewhat obsessed by it. Was it my love and travels of Italy, my familiarity of the genre of the movie (I was 19 in 1983 and in love with my first boyfriend who was 34) or simply a love story that happens at a time and place where the world seemed to stand still in sepia tones, for those that experienced it?

    Todays discovery of your blog follows a booking to Italy this September to Liguria and finding out there is a CMBYN gathering in Crema sept 5-9, the last event being an open air viewing of the movie the evening of sept 9th. It didn’t take long to figure out a hotel booking and a three hour drive from Villa Barca was definitely in order. I’ll continue to follow and read. Thank you.


    1. Thank you, Scott for the nice words. I am really grateful when I learn my basic blog pages inspired people. I’ve wrote in more spectacular details about my numerous travels to the book’s locations in Bordighera or the film’s locations in Lombardy in my other, personal blog, in Hungarian language. And I still have hundreds (if not thousands) of unpublished photos from those places, not to mention the stories that I collected during these travels, the summers spent on the Riviera, the vacations on the bike in Cremona. I hope I will have the time and energy to save at least a part of them with all my awesome readers and followers. I am impressed to see the traffic on the page from every corner of the world. Thank you all.


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