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The crooked way to San Giacomo, and the belfry “To-die-for”

When I finally decided to travel back to B and spend my summer vacation in the charming town on the Italian Riviera, I’ve only had one simple plan in my mind: to fully enjoy it. As a subsidiary plan there was the idea which wouldn’t let me off the hook, about the belfry. More precisely the belfry from San Giacomo, “To-die-for”. There was also a … Continue reading The crooked way to San Giacomo, and the belfry “To-die-for”

Photo by Artur Dancs

Just a “Thank you!” note

When Somewhere In Northern was close to hitting the count of 9,000 visitors I thought it would be nice to write a note of appreciation to all of you and post it when we hit the magical 10,000. But I missed that because the visitors just kept flowing. And all-of-a-sudden I found myself looking at the stats amazed and overjoyed, now approaching 12,000 hits. … Continue reading Just a “Thank you!” note