Photo by Artur Dancs

La piazzetta of confessions

I  arrived to B on a warm late afternoon. After a refreshing stroll around the lower town and then to the hills, I walked up to the piazzetta of confessions – overviewing the sea – where thirty years ago on a sunny morning Elio found the courage to give up his secrets to Oliver, to the palm trees and to the sea-breeze.

Photo by Artur Dancs
“In thirty, forty years, I’ll come back here and think back on a conversation I knew I’d never forget, much as I might want to someday.”

Next morning – right after my espresso – I climbed back to the piazzetta to find out how the trees and the breeze still remember that conversation.

Photo by Artur Dancs
“Would my descendants know what was spoken on this very piazzetta today? (…) Or would it dissolve into thin air, as I found part of me wishing it would?”

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