Elio & Oliver at Provincia newsstand in Crema

Crema – ” I just wanted to be with you”

In Piazza Duomo there’s the newsstand, edicola how they call it, La Provincia. After their first night together and the morning swim in the Laghetto dei Riflessi, Elio follows Oliver to the town. He arrives rolling in on his bike from Piazza Duomo having the great background of the now municipal buildings: Torre Pretoria and Palazzo Vescovile, also the beautiful arcades across the dome.

Just around the corner, on Via Fortunato Marazzi we can find the gate in the front of the Palazzo Benzoni – Donati. It is said the castle from the 16th century even hosted Francesco Bernardino Visconti for a period of time.

And back to that gate… we recall the dialog from that morning:

Elio: Are you happy I came here?

Oliver: I would kiss you if I could…

2 thoughts on “Crema – ” I just wanted to be with you”

  1. Thanks for your detailed descriptions. You are the perfect guide to Crema and I’m looking forward to following your steps some day.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Crema is so charming. After so many visits I really feel home and it would be my great pleasure to take you around and share some “secrets”.


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