Photo by Artur Dancs

Moscazzano – beyond the villa

My visits to Moscazzano were not only about the Villa Albergoni. I enjoyed spending some time with the young mayor of the commune, Gianluca Savoldi who told me about his love for his hometown and the history of the place. He proudly mentioned the name of the famous Italian engineer, Arturo Caprotti who was born in Moscazzano in 1881. In 1921 the first steam locomotive … Continue reading Moscazzano – beyond the villa

Piave Memoriale

Pandino – the confession at the Piave Memoriale

It’s obvious that following Elio and Oliver to Pandino the first thing will be to take a selfie with the Piave Memoriale. … and a quick shot of the piazzetta where we’ve seen Oliver entering the tabaccheria for some Gauloises Blondes… Half-way between Crema and Milano, Pandino offers the typical Italian small-town charm to its visitors. The Visconteo Castle and the Santa Margherita church are … Continue reading Pandino – the confession at the Piave Memoriale

Fontanile Quarantina

Fontanile Quarantina – “This is my spot”

If Elio would take us today to his secret spot, we would ride the bike along this dirt road from Capralba to Fontanile Quarantina: Once we leave our bikes in the shade of trees the little clearwater pond reveals itself to us surrounded by the embrace of the cove: And here are the witnesses of the first kiss, the grass, the cicadas and the sun … Continue reading Fontanile Quarantina – “This is my spot”